Welcome to Abundant Health, Massage & Bodywork
We promote wellness through massage, bodywork, and applied kinesiology. Our focus is on providing all-natural services and products that improve overall health and well-being. We'll work with you to identify and treat the root cause of your issue, pain, or discomfort in an all-natural way.
We address many areas including:

muscle pain or tightness  -  headaches and migraines  -  nerve pain

sprained ligaments  -  sports injuries  -  inadequate nutrition 

loss of sleep quality -  low energy levels  -  overall stress and body tension 

Abundant Health is your partner on your natural health journey.

The Abundant Health Mission
We serve clients using the power of natural healing. We are committed to helping people rejuvenate and heal their bodies through massage, applied kinesiology, and bodywork techniques. We treat every patient with respect and understanding by carefully listening to their needs and providing services that treat their unique situation. We are a source of education about natural healing and self-care.