Meet Sharon Yin (LMT/PAS/BAK)

I believe that my life’s journey has led me to find my purpose in massage therapy and bodywork. In 2012, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, a dysfunction of the thyroid that causes a number of health symptoms. For two years I took medication to control it but as soon as I stopped the medication my symptoms returned. To avoid a lifetime of medication, I began to do extensive research about how a healthy diet and proper self-care can alleviate and sometimes cure a wide range of illnesses. On my own, I was able to stop the medication and successfully manage my hyperthyroidism.


In 2011, I sustained an injury to my neck which resulted in my left arm and hand becoming numb. After two months of recovery, I began working in a massage business. The owner noticed that I had not fully recovered from the injury and suggested that he could help through healing massage. After only two treatments, the numbness went away and never returned. Another benefit was the relief from pain in my sciatic nerve, also a result of the neck injury. 

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I quickly realized that many of the illnesses and conditions we suffer from can be controlled or eliminated with the powerful and natural healing properties of massage, nutrition, and self-care.  That’s when I decided to become a massage therapist. I wanted to provide others with the powerful healing I had experienced myself.

I attended and earned my massage license from Carlson College of Massage Therapy in Stone City, IA. I learned as much as possible how the human body functions and the many massage techniques used by massage therapists. I started serving clients in Des Moines in May of 2016 and soon realized that massage therapy alone may not be enough to help all clients. In 2019, I became certified as a Posture Alignment Therapist. I continued researching and educating myself and discovered how Applied Kinesiology combined with massage is more powerful than massage alone. In 2021, I became a Certified Biochemical Applied Kinesiologist. Most clients, after experiencing the healing benefits, continue to come back to me to sustain an enhanced quality of life. 


What I love best about my work is hearing feedback from my clients. I love to know that I’ve made them feel better, improved their physical health and emotional well-being. And I continue to educate myself on the latest techniques to make sure I always deliver the best service to meet their needs.