When you’re living with arthritis, pain relief isn’t always easy to come by. Medications can help, but many people don’t want to keep adding more and more drugs to their regimen. One potential solution is massage therapy.

If you’re looking for additional short-term relief from arthritis pain and stiffness, consider adding massage therapy to your routine, and managing arthritis with a hot stone massage.

How Can A Massage Help Arthritis?

Arthritis is a term used to describe nearly 200 conditions that cause pain and stiffness in the joints and their surrounding tissues, and even some other connective tissues in the body. It affects joints and causes inflammation, contributing to limited mobility and comfort. Because there is no cure for arthritis, managing the pain is often the best option.

Massage is shown to reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. It may also affect other hormones and contribute to lowering blood pressure, increasing serotonin, and even reducing inflammation.

Combined with the release of muscle tension through soft tissue manipulation, getting a massage aids with flexibility and pain relief. When you have arthritis, less pain and more flexibility are vital for keeping you moving, so you don’t find yourself stuck in a cycle of being

Why Choose A Hot Stone Massage?

Since arthritis is not curable and treatment seeks to manage and minimize pain, massage therapy is a great option. Many types of massage can help with arthritis, but studies show that the heat from hot stone massage can have some additional benefits.

Heat is a great way to ease tension and pain by increasing blood flow to the area. By reducing muscle spasms and increasing flexibility and range of motion, a hot stone massage can help get you and keep you on your feet! Hot stone massages also promote sleep, which helps your body manage the symptoms of arthritis better.

Arthritis is a stressful condition, and the mental effects can contribute to even more muscle tension, causing additional discomfort and pain. Getting a massage is a great de-stressor. Hot stone massages help expand blood vessels which encourage increased blood flow to muscles and decrease inflammation in the joints.

Ways to Maximize the Benefits of A Hot Stone Massage for Arthritis

  1. Schedule regular massages
  2. Hydrate before your massage
  3. Work with your massage therapist to find the right level of heat for the stones during your session, and the proper pressure
  4. Let your massage therapist know if you have any problem areas you’d like to focus on

If you want to ease any aches, stiffness, or pain associated with arthritis, choose a hot stone massage at your next massage therapy appointment!